Force on Force (FoF) Team Tactics – Ultimate Training Munitions

Max Velocity Tactical (MVT) has now been approved as a Professional Training Organization (PTO)  by Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM).

At this time, we are primarily interested in the Man Marker Round (MMR) product. It will have application both for outdoors (woods based) team tactics and also for CQB (C3: Citizen Close Combat) classes as we move forward.

The MMR is an excellent product that will run through your rifle with a replacement ‘blue bolt,’ supplied by UTM. We will be purchasing UTM bolts in 5.56 for the AR15 platform. Otherwise it uses the same magazines, however the rifle fitted with a UTM bolt will be unable to fire live ammunition, if for some reason it gets mixed in with the UTM rounds.

The technology of the UTM MMR is ingenious in that it fires a low velocity projectile, designed in a way to provide enough gas to cycle the rifle, which is low pain on impact. The MMR simply requires two layers of normal clothing, head and face protection to use.  It is not as hard hitting as simunition, but you will still feel it. The MMR has an effective training range out to 50 meters, which is ideal for use in woodland condition and the best effective range I could find in a similar product.

We are now in the process of getting geared up to be able to offer classes. Keep an eye out, because once we are ready to go, I may put a class up at fairly short notice and see if I can gain enough interest.

The priority of application of UTM to classes will be as follows:

1) New 2 Day FoF Team Tactics (woodland) class. Prerequisite CTT.

2) Add to existing C3 as applicable.

3) New 3 day Team leader tactics class, probably late 2016.

The outline plan for the 2 day FoF Team Tactics class will be as follows:

  • Prerequisite: Combat Team Tactics. Combat Patrol preferred / advantageous.
  • 2 days of scenario based tactical application of team skills learned in CTT / CP.
  • Team / Squad scenarios from designated OPFOR tactical problems such as react to contact / hasty attack, thru to ‘capture the flag’ style FoF squad based operations.
  • There will be rules for hit locations that will create live / dead casualties. This will be immersive scenario training.
  • You will not need any live ammo. Class prices will have ammunition built in in some way – we will work on the best way to do this until we get an idea, after several classes, of ammo requirements. We may have a ‘buy as you use’ or similar system, TBD.
  • Cadre will accompany teams to act as referees / safety / debrief.
  • AR15 only. Your bolt will be replaced by a UTM blue bolt. Barrels pulled through dry – no oil/lube.
  • You will need to wear two layers of clothing, something like a tough BDU on the outside, long underwear on the inside. Other than that, usual tactical attire / load bearing equipment. Approved face masks/googles will be supplied. You will need some sort of helmet, Kevlar or bump, with no holes in it. Gloves. No exposed flesh.
  • Leaders will be nominated / rotated per mission. You do not have to be a leader. Pre-established groups can have whoever they want as their leader.
  • This is an opportunity for either individuals or formed groups to test the application of their tactical training. This time, Ivan will have a vote. In the woods of West Virginia, there is no one to hear you scream!

Full details will go up once a class page is created and we offer the first class.

PT and navigation skills would be desirable: there will be simple navigation tasks in order to move to and from contact/enemy locations etc.   PT: If only to be able to run away effectively!

That’s all for now.