Evolutionary Questions with Small Unit Tactics in the US Army

Recently some questions were asked after I posted some footage of US Army units conducting a raid at the Velocity Training Center (VTC). The questions were raised about the tactics that seemed to be in use:   what people saw was the assaulting teams moving slowly towards the objective, mainly standing, and engaging on the move from a slow walk.  This was a raid iteration that was supported by MVT, but not under the direct instruction for its completion. Sometimes, with the Army units, we run them through training, and other times we facilitate it so they can work on their own training objectives. In response to this question, my answer was that we are “training you to a higher standard at MVT.” By this, I did not mean that MVT civilian students are ‘better’ than these US Army Teams, simply that I believe that the curriculum we use is to a higher infantry standard. Your practical execution of that will depend on the amount you train, the team you work with (or not) and your level of physical readiness.

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