Effects of Artillery Fire & Armor

I’m currently writing the sequel to ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises.’ I was doing a little research and came across this little video gem.

It also seems relevant in the light of the current sabre rattling. The next one probably won’t involve comfortable FOBs, Baskin Robbins counters in the DFAC, and cool door-kicking. Probably just a muddy bloody old fashioned slog.

Got shovel and sandbags?

The book is going well, 286 pages down…..

Here’s another old favorite:

Below is an interesting video from Syria. You have a Go-Pro mounted on a T-72 and BMP-2. You see armor operating in an urban area without support from dismounted infantry. That is why you see so many RPG rounds impacting on and around the Syrian armor. Later in the video, you see some evidence of infantry dismounting the BMP-2s. Not very effectively – the rebels here are simply flowing around these armored combat patrols. The Syrian army is not seizing, clearing and holding the urban area.

What is interesting is the lack of effect on the T-72s and BMP-2s of the incoming RPG rounds. The RPG anti-armor HEAT round should be able to take out these vehicles. Later in the video I see some slight damage on the side of a vehicle, and later a BMP-2 burning and another that is being dragged out by a  combat tractor, with what looks like HEAT warhead hit. Could it be that the rebels are mistakenly using the wrong sort of RPG rounds? Anti-personnel rounds? Who knows….