Direct Action Ambush / Attack / Raid November 3 / 4

This is copied form the MVT Forum Post HERE.

I am attempting to salvage the HEAT 2 class November 1 – 4 which for some reason is falling down in terms of numbers, such that it may not run.

We really need 8 minimum to run the class, and 12 is a better number.

There are two ways we can approach salvaging the class:

1) Keep the full class on, but make the Saturday / Sunday Ambush and Attack days available for standalone bookings. We still need to get the Thursday / Friday up to 8 students to make the first part viable.

2) Cancel the full HEAT 2, and simply put on a 2 day Direct Action class.

Either way, the weekend would be a 2 day Direct Action class focusing on:

Saturday: Ambush, multiple, plus scenarios / casualty.
Sunday: Hasty Attack & Raid.

If we got up to 12 for those two days, I am thinking we could add some force on force versions of these events at the end of each day. Just depends on numbers. Either way, it becomes a version of the alumni weekend where we focus on thee Direct Action missions.

You have to be an alumni of CTT / HEAT 1 to attend this class.

What I would like to do is take a survey of numbers. If I reach 8 for the Direct Action weekend, I will then ask you to lock it in and pay. The class will be pro-rated @ $400.

By all means post interest and intent here, but please send me a separate email to expressing that you will be coming once I pull the trigger at 8 participants. I will make the final call on 30 September.

Thank you.