Digging Holes and Cutting Trees

It seems a while since I last posted. I ended up taking a week off work (aka ‘real job’) and I’ve been up at the training site all week. I’m heading back out there tomorrow to do the final set-up for this weekends training.
I was just reading Mosby’s latest POST and grinning to myself. No doubt similar has been said about me: I was reflecting on the sheer amount of hard work I have been doing this week for the benefit of some good training. I have invested in some electronic pop-up targets, for a better training experience, and I was out today clearing trees and digging target holes for the jungle walk. 
I only brought one Gatorade on the four-wheeler and by lunchtime I thought I was going to die, but I was too lazy to go back and get more water to hydrate. There’s a lesson there – drink more water!
So for all those who question the prices that trainers like myself and Mosby charge, you have no idea of the graft that goes on to make it work. However, I don’t begrudge it, because I simply enjoy the opportunity to instruct and hope that it will save the lives of some ‘good folks’ one day.
The financial outlay in items such as targetry, ammunition and even loaner rifles is significant, and that is not to mention the sheer sweat and physical labor getting the place ready. And no, I’m not whining or looking for sympathy, because I still love doing it. Not only the training part but being out in the woods all day doing physical labor like digging holes and cutting timber. Beats sitting at a desk any day. So to those who will come and train with me, thank you for giving me the excuse to get out and dirty!
Live hard, die free.