Defensive Concealed Handgun (DCH) Review, 26-27 Oct 2019 by Todd

I grew up in NE Minnesota shooting a .22 at 7-yrs old. Started bird hunting and deer hunting at a very young age. I joined the USAF (delayed enlistment) as a senior in HS, and wanted to be an SP (cop).  I took the ASVAB and found out I did well in Electronics, so went in as an Electronic Systems Specialist, or spark chaser. While in basic I was not surprised to score in the top 10% of my squadron for shooting, hence I received the Marksman ribbon.

Fast forward many years and as a civilian who is watching everything happening in our country, and growing increasingly concerned living and working back in NW Minnesota, I decided to get my concealed carry license.

I reckoned myself a good shot. So I took the class and started carrying, and as I like to say, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It wasn’t until a colleague invited me to attend MVT’s Defensive Concealed Handgun class that I learned all those things I didn’t know. For instance, I bought a new (popular) handgun and holster for the training, only to find out nearly immediately that it was too large for my hand. A BAD choice, for me. And it became quite apparent very quickly why.

That said, the things I learned in that training will carry forward into carrying every day with the correct gear, knowledge and experience to be able to decide when I need to stay out of or remove myself from a specific environment or situation, or when it is time to stand up and fight. It’s SO much more than drawing and shooting…it’s having the right mind-set to know quickly if in fact, that it is your circus and these are (or aren’t) your monkeys.

As Scott likes to (correctly) drill home, your head will keep you out of trouble FAR MORE than your gun. But if/when the time comes that you must stand up and fight, KNOW with confidence that you will have been provided the proper techniques and training to save the lives of yourself and those around you. Try to put a value on that! Can’t be done!  

Much thanks to Scott and MVT!