DEC 14/15 CRCD Photos – Snowmageddon!

It turned out to be a great weekend, despite some challenges getting everyone up to the site on the Saturday morning. Here are some far from professional photos, to give you a flavor, taken on phones. We can, and will, train in bad weather!

As usual, a great group, several of whom were returning students.


Above: Group Photo, Range 1. 9 students on this class. I’m in the middle.  One is taking the photo!


Above: The schoolhouse. Warming burn barrel to the right.


rtr 1

Above: Range 2. Arctic Walk. RTR drill.

rtr 4

Above. Range 2. Arctic Walk. RTR drill. Prone would be better, but kneeling was permitted due to the conditions.

rtr 2

Above: Range 2. Arctic Walk. RTR drill. Straight to kneeling this time.

rtr 3

Above. Range 2. Arctic Walk. RTR drill. Next part after moving positions.

rifle rack

Above: Rifle Rack. Looking up towards Range 1.

bunker blown

Above: ENDEX. Range 2. Bunker Blown. After completing the squad assault. Assault fire team getting up off the objective bunker.


walking back

Above: Heading back down after the bunker assault. Happy days.

For more information on the RTR drills, check out this post: React to Contact: Solid Drills to Keep You Alive.

Live Hard.

Die Free.