DEC 14/15 Combat Rifle / Contact Drills (CRCD) Class


Partially due to some rescheduled bookings, I have some spaces available on the December 14/15 CRCD Class. There is still plenty of time to book.

While I am announcing that, here are a couple of additional updates & information:

1) I am continually improving the ranges at the training site, clearing fields of fire and installing new target pits. My most recent improvement was to Range 1, the range that is used on the Saturday, day 1 of the CRCD class. Previously, we were using the reaction drill target pits to also conduct the initial crawl/walk phases of fire and movement and the break contact drills;. I considered the range a little tight so I have cleared further up the draw, created a new trail, and installed target pits so we can add some increased range to the initial break contact front and side drills. This is a great intermediate walk phase between what we do initially on the reaction targets ( a pop-up front, left and right) before moving on to Range 2 on the Sunday. I’m very pleased with the result and work is ongoing.

For those returning students, there is always another surprise and it is never the same training – when I was felling sorry for you last time, this time I may give you that extra pop-up on ‘heartbreak ridge’ to really push the message home! ;-)


No, it’s not this bad in WV!

2)  Winter weather: The classroom training takes pace in a pavilion, open sided. There is a burn barrel next to it and we keep that burning as a warmer throughout the day. Although temperatures are currently around freezing or just below, when I am working up there I usually end up in just a thermal top and smock, because it gets warm. I recommend that you use a layered approach to clothing, starting with some thermal long underwear, so you can strip layers off when you start to get warm and exert yourself. Because the training goes back and forwards between exertion and static learning, I recommend that you bring a super warm jacket, blanket or similar to get into when sitting in the classroom, to keep warm and keep your attention up. Something you can throw on over your gear/clothes. There is also the fire if you need to warm up.

It’s a little like skiing – although cold, it can be hot. You will find that although cold, the weather is very workable, and at least you are not dealing  with the heat/humidity of the summer!

Best to bring a thermos of hot drink/soup, and maybe even a camping stove to brew a hot drink during the day.

It is not snowing yet, and talking to the locals we may get a dump or two, but nothing that stays around for too long, winter storms excepted.

Remember: you should always start cold at the bottom of the mountain.


Live Hard.

Die Free.