CTT 17-19 Oct 2014

I’m just back behind the keyboard after a great Combat Team tactics (CTT) training weekend.

The photos below are missing Fred, and also Matt, who had to leave early for a family emergency.

Fred did a great talk on the Sunday morning. Fred is a CBRN expert and runs a concurrent activity talk while the Jungle Walk is ongoing on the third (final) day of CTT. Hot topics this time were the realities of Ebola and some good stuff on cooling pools and the realities of a radiation as a threat. One of the students is a nuclear physicist so there was some good supporting information!

CTT Oct 14

Above: Class, minus Matt, Max & Fred, plus Chris on the right side.

CTT Oct 14 Max

Above; Same photo, minus Chris, with Max on the right side.

Moving forwards to Combat Patrol this weekend, a full class. Looking forward to it! Aaron is also running Combat Rifle concurrently.