I’ll try and keep this simple and short.

I’m just back from last weekend’s highly successful MVT Rifleman Challenge II. I have seen various things over the last few weeks, which I will comment on:

1)  I have posted a couple of times about class spaces available. It’s not that MVT isn’t running classes, because we are and they are either full, or nearly so. However, given the quality of training on offer, and the obvious need for it, I find it hard to fathom why there are not hordes of potential students trying to break down the doors of MVT, demanding 7 weekends a month of classes, etc…..? If you don’t think there is a need, check this out as an example of what is coming (link to the Barnhardt piece):


Before the rape/murder:


(I don’t normally give much time to Barnhardt, because in my opinion she is an extremist Theocratic nut job, although not necessarily wrong about a lot of stuff, but I’ll make an exception here.)

2) I saw a few weeks ago, via WRSA, comments by Mosby that he was about to give up on open enrollment classes. From everything I have heard, Mosby offers excellent training classes. Frustration was evident in the post. I don’t know if he actually took that action.

3) Sparks31 appears to be giving up the training ghost: “I’m f*cking done.  Let some other idiot masochist deal with the bullshit.

It appears there is a theme here.

4) Recently on WRSA there was SFC Barry, then another more recent post by Bill Roberts, both former Green Berets. These appear to be hammering on the “civilians aren’t good enough” meme that you cannot train, you are not the militia, you cannot face any threats, give up now.

“…..and not play rough with some military Combine Arms Team rolling around with tanks, APCs and attack helicopters. Not going to win that one.”

Seems to be a theme here, right?

A couple of points on that one:

  • At MVT we are that team of prior service soldiers who are training you. We don’t denigrate you for being civilian, you can get to a high standard in Small Unit Tactics (SUT): in fact, given that you are motivated and intelligent, we can get you in a shorter period of time to a higher standard than some Joe who doesn’t give a rats ass. MVT students are motivated to learn. Remember, this is about SUT at squad/team level, not Battle Group operations or career advancement; it’s actually very teachable/learnable.
  • Why all the hammering on the militia definition etc? We at MVT are not a militia, we are a training school. Very few students consider themselves, or use the term, militia, to describe their survival group. This is simply about training to “keep good folks alive.”
  • Why is there always an assumption that trained civilians will be/ are training for a fight with the FEDGOV / US Military? None of us know what the collapse will look like, or who will be fighting who. We are simply training to give ourselves a better chance of survival. This is not the revolution, it is preparation for uncertain times. Could the .civ (parts of) end up fighting the .mil? Maybe. Maybe portions of it. Or maybe gangs, or the Chinese, or the cartels, or Islamo terrorism. WHO KNOWS. We live in uncertain times.

I believe that you should stop listening to the naysayers, those who would smash whatever unity there is in this ‘movement’ online. Yes, there is some truth in comments about certain groups (the fat militia colonel thing), I have said so myself, but they appear to be outliers, not the stand up students who show up at MVT. Let’s not give it too  much attention. Just do it right, and move on.

The real solution is to put ego aside, figure out what you don’t know, work on your physical fitness, and get yourself to some professional training. Any short surf of the internet will show you thousands of people with over sized egos, who believe they know what they are doing, who simply don’t. But they will loudly opine anyway. It’s a cultural problem that we face. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

If those who comment loudly on blogs would just learn to STFU, pay attention, and get themselves unf*cked, we would all be better off. I suggest that if you are not training, and you are not a subject matter expert, you STFU and get yourself sorted out. Pronto.

Here is a video showing what we can do. This is just the start: