Comment requested on class scheduling, format etc

Following AARs conducted at the end of each class, and feedback from students, there is a general request for me to start scheduling additional courses such as patrolling and small unit tactics (SUT). I have discussed the matter with some students and I have still not come to a solid conclusion as to the best way to go about it. I would like comment and feedback if possible.
Right now I have the monthly combat rifle /contact drills courses scheduled till the end of the year. I’m not planning on changing that. When I publish the dates for the new year, I would like to include some patrolling/ SUT courses.
BTW: I would like to generate more interest in the September 14/15 class. October 13/14 is filling up nicely, and August 31st/ September 1st could do with a few more sign-ups. It is interesting because students have commented that they are surprised that there is not a waiting list for courses, but in reality people have to commit to move outside their comfort zone. Many are just not willing to. I also thank those who re-post me (WRSA in particular) for helping to get the word out about the existence of my courses.
Regarding class scheduling, the issue that I am struggling with is as follows:
My classes involve live firing. I believe that is necessary to achieve the necessary realism and training. I am concerned that if I lay on a patrolling/SUT class and students have not completed my combat rifle class, then I will either run  into safety issues or have to spend a lot of training time effectively running a combat rifle course / contact drills class. Patrolling and SUT are large topics that I can only hope to touch on in a two to three day class. Training time is of the essence.
So do I:
1) Insist that attendance on my combat rifle / contact drills course is a requirement prior to attending any of my other courses? I have only been running classes since May so my pool of students is still small, and how many would return for any particular weekend? That in itself is a scheduling problem.
2) Run a three day patrolling or SUT course that would include the combat rifle range stuff on day 1, with the other contact drills spread through the weekend around the patrolling / SUT stuff?
3) How to people feel about three day courses? Mosby does it. Another option would be to still insist on the two day combat rifle /contact drills course as a pre-requisite, but then run the patrolling/SUT classes as a three day course to maximize training time and give students the maximum benefit. 
4) I would consider taking another trusted course as fulfilling the training prerequisite. The only one that springs to mind is Mosby’s course right now (I’m open to suggestions). If I know that you have fairly recently attended a trusted combat rifle course equivalent, that is not a square range tacticool affair, then that could work also. 
Please leave comment and we can work this one out.
Live Hard, Die Free.