Combat Video Analysis: Breaking Contact from Multiple Firing Points in Helmand


This video is interesting for a number of reasons. The weapon systems and environment may be unfamiliar, but there is a lot to learn.

At Combat Team Tactics (CTT) I explain to people that we are teaching drills for break contact. The drills give you a reaction and a way for the team to break to potential to freeze. Once rolling however, I explain that there is no reason why a leader will not interpose himself and change the direction or action of the team. On the more complex drills on the final day, I actually show how this may work. I tell people about multiple firing points, and explain that they need to be able to shift for one method of movement to another i.e from a bound forward or back to a peel, and vice versa. You see that to a certain extent in this video, where there are multiple firing points and the Brit Section is maneuvering and reacting to them. You have to be sufficiently well trained that your team is able to employ these simple methods of battlefield fire and movement to a changing situation i.e. we are bounding back, now we need to peel to the right down this irrigation ditch, etc.


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