Combat Patrol Class Schedule Question

I have a Combat Patrol class this weekend and then a 6 day combined Combat Team Tactics & Combat Patrol on November 6. – 11 I have just opened up that class to optional separate attendance on the CTT or Combat Patrol portions after 4 students rescheduled.

After that, I don’t have a Combat Patrol class scheduled until March 27.

We ran the first Combat Patrol class in January 2013. It was cold but workable.

My question is: is there enough interest to convert one of either the Jan 16 or Feb 6 CTT classes into a Combat Patrol class? The idea being that it bridges the long gap between classes.

If I get enough positive interest, then I will do so. But I won’t do it based on the odd comment that it is a good idea: I need emails telling me a deposit will be on the way! We can then nail down which one to convert, and make it happen.

Let me know. I’ll give it a couple of days to see what the responses are.