Class Space in April: Combat Team Tactics & Combat Rifle Skills

I have space available on classes in April:

April 8-10 Combat Team Tactics (CTT): 2 spaces available.

(Note: I have space on the precursor Rifle Skills cl;ass on the Thursday 7th as well. This class is highly worth it if you are going into the CTT class. )

April 9-10 Combat Rifle Skills (CRS): 4 spaces available. This is an excellent carbine class, 2 days on the square range with Scott (First Sergeant), without the threat of having to go onto the tactical ranges for the following two days….designed as  a primer class and to introduce you and your family to tactical training.


Note that the Combat Rifle Skills (CRS) class is roughly similar to the Rifle Skills (Thursday) and Combat Rifle (Friday) days of the CTT class, reformatted. It is a thorough grounding in tactical carbine. You can then go away and think about coming back for the full CTT class.

Also note that you need to seriously consider attending CTT training. If you have not, or have no intention of doing so, you are bluffing yourself. CTT is a prerequisite for the new Force on Force Team Tactics Class, which takes the training to a new level, as shown by a number of recent student reviews.

If you are serious about being able to defend yourself and your family in the coming troubles, you need to get into the training progression, first with CRS and/or CTT and then moving on to FoF and Combat Patrol (CP). There is really no other way of stating this reality. Do your PT, get your gear squared away, and book onto a class.

Are you serious about becoming truly dangerous to your enemies, or not?

‘Team Coyote’