Class Schedule Update + New Classes


I have updated the Class Schedule HERE to include more classes up to December 2014.

The classes in the previous schedule are still there, and those of you that are booked on them remain booked.

I have added:

CRCD is a prerequisite for Combat Patrol. Many students benefit from the increased learning of attending multiple CRCD classes – you will not get it all in one weekend. CRCD is a prerequisite for attendance on the Combat Patrol Class.

Testimonials HERE

The inaugural Combat Patrol Class is running on the 18 – 20 January. There are 3 places remaining.

The Combined 5 day Class is a new addition that appears to have generated some interest. It includes weekdays: some classes run Monday to Friday, some include a weekend, and I will see which variation is preferred. The idea is for you to travel once and be able to run straight through the 2 day CRCD and the 3 day Patrol Class.

I will continue to run standalone CRCD and Combat Patrol classes, as well as the combined 5 day classes as this thing evolves.

Please follow the links to the individual pages for more information and prices.

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