Class Highlight: Combat Team Tactics

A three day class designed to teach you tactical combat rifle and movement skills from individual up to pairs and team level. This includes team ‘break contact’ drills and offensive flanking battle drills. The class is adapted to the specific needs of the trainees. Returning students are welcome and usually gain much from attending several of these classes.

The CTT classes are priced at $600 per person for the 3 days. Maximum capacity is 12. Groups are welcome.

CTT is a prerequisite for Combat Patrol (CP) and Citizen Close Combat (C3).

The CTT class begins with the Combat Rifle (CR) day on the MVT square range for day 1, and progresses onto the tactical ranges for days 2 and 3. The first day is designed to improve your learning experience by giving you additional instruction on weapon manipulation, stoppage/malfunction drills and combat shooting.

Night Optical Device Firing (NODF) is available on the night following the first day’s training on CTT. This is an introduction to the use of your night vision equipment, including live night fire on the square range and a short tactical exercise. See the NODF page for details on equipment.

An optional Rifle Skills Class is available the day prior to the 3 day CTT class, to facilitate training progression.

The next class is March 11-13 2016.

Class Page HERE.