Class Highlight: Citizen Close Combat

In conversations with students at classes, it becomes apparent that many are not aware of the full extent of the classes on offer at MVT. Most have heard of Combat Team Tactics (CTT) and Combat Patrol. I am going to run a series of posts highlighting the other classes.

We are in the process of working up the following two classes for 2016:

  • Active shooter CCW (Handgun).
  • Combat Patrol II: Scout Class

Dates and content will be announced in due course.

Many are not aware that we offer:

We ran C3 this past weekend, concurrent to CTT. The way we run it is that we usually schedule two classes on the same weekend. This works well for alumni who are bringing others to class, where there is an option for some to do the basic / precursor class, and others to do the advanced class.


We are changing Citizen Close combat (C3) from a 2 to a 3 day class, which will go into effect in the new year. The third day will utilize UTM for Force on Force training scenarios. An AR 15 rifle is required for this.

We run the class moving from blue guns to live firing to train the drills, then application of the drills using UTM to train a number of dynamic scenarios.

Here is the detail on the C3 class.