Class Documents Update & Address Confirmation

Following the AAR on the last Combat Team Tactics (CTT) Class I took note of some feedback on class paperwork and I have made some changes:

1) I no longer expect paperwork in advance by mail/email.

2) Bring the hard copy with you, signed.

3) That means there is no longer a need for the bio section, so I have updated the paperwork. You will get a combined info/disclaimer packet, and a second packet with directions/photos to get to the site. The info/disclaimer packets need to be brought as hard copies, signed.

4) I have updated the ammo quantities for CTT from 800 rounds to 900-1000 rounds (‘bring a case’) as per student feedback.

If you are already booked on a class and have the old paperwork, it doesn’t matter, just bring the hard copy to class. Signed and ready to hand to me at 0700, to reduce admin time.

If you have the old paperwork and want the new version, email me and I will email it to you.

Following my house move, the current listed mailing address still stands for mailing deposits/payment and ammo etc. I will check the mailbox at least once a week. For those of you who email me after tracking tells you that the deposit/payment has arrived, that’s OK: mail will get picked up when I do my mail run and you will be acknowledged by my emailing you the class info/disclaimer/directions packets.

Mail/Shipping Address: Max Velocity Tactical, 7371 Atlas Walk Way #122, Gainesville, VA 20155.

Note: for site directions, I have changed the terminology ‘Rally Point’ to ‘Start Point’ – the Start Pint used to be an actual rally point to get a convoy together to go up to site, but now it is simply a notional start point for the final directions to site. There is no need to stop there, unless you are meeting other students or are lost, as per the directions packet.