Class Discounts Re-Post: Keep an eye out!!!

Re-posting this as I head up from a Combat Patrol Class:

I’m going to get all commercial on you with a couple of ongoing new polices / deals:

Alumni Classes: When I have last minute places on Alumni classes (Combat Patrol and Citizen Close Combat at this time), I’m going to put up a notice in the alumni forum (only in the alumni forum, for these alumni only classes (there are notices posted right now)). It’ll be for a certain number of slots, discounted, to fill remaining  spaces. First come first serve emails in my inbox gets it (followed by immediate online payment to confirm after I get back to you and let you know you got the slot). Keep an eye on the alumni forum for this and other offers!

Early Bird Discounts:

  • Combat Team Tactics & Combat Patrol in the last two months of the year (November & December 2015) I am offering a $100 discount to bring these 3 day $600 classes down to $500, but only if paid in full by the 30th September 2015. Email me in advance to check space available.
  • Citizen Close Combat: This 2 day class @ $400 will be discounted to $300 for November / December 2015, but only if paid in full by 30th September 2015.

Good news?