Christmas Force on Force Extravaganza!


Following the roaring success, and excellent training value, of the Force on Force Team Tactics Weekends, I have made an adjustment to the training schedule and swapped out the CTT that was scheduled for December, with another Force on Force. The class will be Saturday – Sunday 10 – 11 December.

I have space for 18 on the class, due to the number of UTM bolts that I have. The class this past weekend was 18 strong and I would like to see this class make those numbers.

I have also scheduled an MVT Run n Gun and Force on Force CQB on the Friday 9 December. This is an optional add on to the weekends events, and people got a lot of value out of the previous one. Even if you don’t want to do the Run n Gun, you can show up for Friday afternoon and do the additional CQB training, which is Force on Target / Force.


To answer some of the inevitable questions about December training:

1) There will be no leaf cover. That was not a problem when we ran the first class early this year. ‘Under the canopy’ visibility is pretty much the same through the trees.

2) It will be cold: that is no issue and in fact helps with the protective equipment that you wear at class. The colder it is, the more you wear, and the less you feel any hits – you will know you were hit, but there will be no pain. It is probably preferable to do this training in cold rather than heat.

3) It may snow. Awesome. Bring some white sheets/camo whites in case it looks like it on the forecast. We can overcome! It doesn’t routinely have snow on the ground all the time in winter in WV, mostly no snow at all, it just dumps several times over the winter, and Jan/Feb is the most likely time. So it will likely be fairly OK, with the chance of snow if there is a storm around that time. We did the first Combat Patrol class in January, and it was cold but no snow. We traditionally run a CTT class early December, which this FoF class has replaced, and in 3 years, one class was in the snow: ‘Snowmaggedon.’

RAFFLE: FLIR SCOUT TK!!! For the CQB Site Build.