Choosing Contact or Rapid Fire – need to know

In the interest of fairness I want to put it out there that I don’t recommend that you buy both Contact and Rapid Fire (unless you really want to…..)  :-)

The reason is that they are not designed as sequels, but are simply aimed at different audiences. Thus, there is an amount of material, the main bulk of the tactical stuff, that is common to both books.

Contact is designed for preppers and does also cover all the small unit tactics. Rapid fire omits all mention of prepping and contains more information about OCONUS type operations. It is aimed more at a military and contractor type audience. For example, Contact does not discuss conducting helicopter operations, simply because that s not really expected in a post collapse environment (never say never….). However, it contains all the small unit tactics that are common to both books.

You will get the tactics necessary for your tactical team in a post collapse or resistance environment from both books. Contact has the additional stuff aimed at prepping scenarios and situations involving your family, Rapid Fire goes more into Iraq/Afghanistan style operations.

It makes me happy if you really do buy both, but I have to recommend choosing one or the other depending on your particular interest.

I would recommend both books for training up tactical teams, they both contain the same core of tactical information.