Changes to the MVT Training Schedule / Philosophy


As we move forward with the training schedule I am going to make some changes to the way MVT offers classes. I will be offering less open enrollment classes, going to one per month, with the aim of making sure classes are full and therefore students get the maximum training benefit from there being full team and squad level formations present.

You can probably infer from that that classes over the summer have not been at capacity. They haven’t. Go figure. Even with Student Reviews such as these. I have a pet theory: despite the quality of training on offer, I am often talking about the need for PT, and so are students in their reviews, as well as saying how they found the classes exhausting. Now, it is patently true that the classes are deliberately not excessively physically demanding, but if people have the impression that they are, they will not want to put themselves through them. Some will, but they are the alumni minority that I am proud of. I think we may have scared some folks off!

The current schedule will remain largely unchanged, although I just removed the August 21-23 CTT and consolidated it onto the August 7-9 class. I am struggling to make the 6 Day Class on June 26 work, which is unusual, because those classes (and the same one last year) are normally full. Some classes just suffer from bad timing. It’s all about having enough students to allow them to gain the benefit of a suitably sized squad level team on Combat Patrol.


The way I will run it will be to schedule one open enrollment weekend per month. It will probably be a rotation of 2 x Combat Team Tactics classes followed on the third month with Combat Patrol. I will throw a smattering of Land Navigation classes onto a second weekend on selected months.

The Rifleman Challenge will be the scheduled training weekend for either March or April (Spring) and September or October (Fall).

I would like to keep my Texas training classes going in February each year, and they remain popular.

In addition to the open enrollment classes, I will make myself available for private group bookings, either for classes held at the MVT Training site in WV, or at your place by arrangement. However, the class offerings will be the same – the classes are progressions and the 3 day Combat Team tactics is required before progression onto Combat Patrol or Mobility. It is the basic class.


I will consider one additional course for private groups at the WV site: a hybrid CTT/CQB class, where the CTT class is cut at lunchtime on Sunday (you will miss some iterations and the final  squad attack) and we will move to the square range for an afternoon of High Threat CQB entry & clearance drills, as exhibited at the MVT Riflemen Challenge (you get the same CQB training as at the Challenge).