Changes to MVT Training Schedule Jan-Feb 2015

There have been some changes to the MVT Training Schedule for early 2015.

A planning exercise seminar weekend has been added in Manassas on Jan 24-25 2015.

There are spaces available on a private CTT/Mobility class near Brady Texas February 18-22.

The arrival of Combat 2 Gun (C2G) has been moved up to February 2015


Space is available unless the class is marked FULL. Where there are only 1 or 2 spaces left, it is annotated.



  • August: The remainder of 2015 will be scheduled and posted in due course. 
  • August:  Night Fighting (NF) Class. 
  • January 2016: This is the estimated arrival month for the CTT – CQB (Combat Team Tactics – Close Quarter Battle) classes. 

See the CLASS PAYMENT page for deposits and bookings.



MVT  offers 15% discounts for MVT Alumni for repeat classes.

The price model for MVT Classes is  $200 per person per day. The 15% discount makes that $170 per person per day

Alumni Discount Policy:

The Alumni discount will be available for any repeated class.

The Alumni discount will be available for first attendance on Combat Rifle and Combat 2 Gun if you have attended other classes.


Loaner Rifles & Ammunition for Sale: 

This service is designed for those who may have difficulty travelling to the training site with their rifles and standard capacity magazines, or have a problem owning standard capacity magazines in their home State:

Loaner Rifles & Magazine Kits: I currently have two (2) AR15 rifles with Eotech sights available to rent, along with a set of eight (8) standard capacity magazines. Cost: $50 per day

Ammo For Sale: If you require 5.56 training ammo (or other ammo as appropriate) I can purchase that and deliver it to you on site. I purchase 5.56 in 55 grain brass, 100o round boxes. Cost: my cost including shipping to me. If you want this ammo, you must email me well in advance to allow me time to order it and have it shipped.

Shipping Ammo for Training: If you are flying in and wish to have ammo shipped in advance, you can ship it to the Max Velocity Tactical UPS Mailbox (HERE for more info):

Max Velocity Tactical,  7371 Atlas Walk Way #122, Gainesville, VA 20155

CTT is a prerequisite for Combat Patrol (CP).