Calling for Reviews!

It may be unconventional for an author to ask for reviews in this manner, but I’m not really a conventional kind of guy.
I have to say that in general terms, both Contact/Contact II and Patriot Dawn are doing well overall for reviews. But given the types of books that they are, they also attract the ire of trolls and the ignorant, plus outright attacks by the odd libtard who stumbles across them on Amazon.  
Patriot Dawn is my first novel (the second is underway), and I’m not aiming to challenge Hemingway. It’s designed to be an exciting novel that sort of tells the ‘story’ of the manual Contact. Too many don’t understand that and come at it with their own assumptions about what ‘the genre’ is about. It’s not in the ‘genre’ – it’s a tactical novel, not simply apocalypse porn, with an agenda to illustrate real tactics. The manual and the novel are designed as companion books. 
So, I will ask, if you would be so kind: if you have read either of these books and enjoyed them, please step up ‘on deck’ to write a good review on Amazon. The more the word gets out, the better.