Call: Inaugeral Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) Class – 31 May

This two day class is running but it is not full. Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM).

I added the class after an observation of students in training and what would benefit them. The square range has been built and the class added specifically to address training shortfalls. Aaron is running this class. Combat Rifle / Combat Drills (CRCD) will be running concurrently.

Aaron has been getting some excellent feedback as an assistant instructor on CRCD and as the instructor on the Rifle Manipulation Primer (RMP) class: AARs//Testimonials.

CRM is an excellent manipulation/combat shooting class. It can be taken prior to a CRCD class, after one, or simply as a standalone skill enhancer. As well as PT, the main area we find that people really need to improve is their weapon handling and combat shooting. Stoppages anyone?

Some will be saying: why go to West Virginia for a weapons manipulation class? I can do that on my home range. WRONG. You won’t do training of the quality or curriculum  that we have in store for you.

I would summarize my points as follows:

  • If you are booked on CRCD, you should really consider booking the TC3/RMP day which runs the day prior to CRCD. It will improve your experience on the CRCD class, and allow you to keep your head out of your weapon more, and focused on learning the drills and tactics that are offered.
  • RMP is not designed as a standalone weapon manipulation class. It is designed to prepare you for, and augment your training on, CRCD.
  • If you really need that connective training between shooting fundamentals and tactical training, then CRM is for you.

As a result of some shuffling and rescheduling, I also have 3 places available on the CRCD class that weekend of 31 May. The TC3/RMP class runs on the Friday 30 May.

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