Brute Force Warrior Training Sandbags

If you have been following my writings, and more recently my Max Talks, you will know that I place a premium on physical fitness as part of building the Whole Warrior. Physical Fitness is a key facet of the survival and effective tactical performance equation. We should all seek to be tactical athletes.

My latest Max Talk (#25) is uploading as I write this, and is about CASUALTIES. I address a number of fitness requirements in that talk, and the why.

I plan on including some more dynamic (outdoor) Max Talks as I progress with them, including some which will be about simulating combat stress. Thus, these will not simply be about workouts, but a mix of shooting drills as well as PT, including humping items such as the Brute Force bags, fence posts,  etc. This is all also part of my recovery from spinal fusion as I work myself back to an effective level of fitness. Thus, it should be useful to you as you work on your own fitness levels.

Sandbags are a versatile and effective tool that can be included in simple but effective workouts. Brute Force does an App which includes specific daily sandbag workouts (with video explanation) which require no equipment but the bag itself. They have various types and sizes available. Perfect for the ‘garage’ style workout and, more importantly to me, to be taken out to your range or the woods and included in tactical workouts that may or may not include shooting drills.

Do yourself a favor, and go check out the website. Consider something like their Athlete Sandbag, which is the one I currently have, and you will be in position to do some of the tactical stress sessions once I get a chance to make the videos.