Boomer to Zoomer Training Scholarship Program

This is a new initiative. As we face increasing threats to our freedom, particularly in Virginia today, and elsewhere tomorrow, it is vital that our young Liberty minded people are trained. It is true that many of the people who attend MVT classes are older professional folks. As time has passed, some of you have aged or injured out of the ‘fighting age male population.’ Also, we must all agree, that as you get older, this infantry game gets harder, and it is definitely a young mans game. Yet many of these young folks are financially challenged to get hold of the the required equipment, to be able to effectively muster as a Volunteer, while also funding effective professional training.

It is also true that real, effective, professional training is hard to come by, given the tactical snake oil that is often sold, so I want to enable young folks to be able to train at MVT. I have personally started an initiative called ‘Culpeper Volunteers’ and as part of that I am offering free basic range training in the Culpeper County area. However, that is simply not sufficient to make you combat effective in a fight. Those of you who are MVT alumni know this.

We often see parents paying for their children to attended a class, and mostly attending with them. This is going to be an opportunity for those of you who cannot attend training for whatever reason, but have an excess of resources, to charitably allow a ‘Zoomer’ to attend training.

What we are going to do is this: I will form a board of several alumni, and we will take written submissions from those who wish to receive a training scholarship. Those of you who are willing to give to this cause will make yourselves known to me via email ( and we will collate a list; once we ‘pass’ a candidate, we will send a mailer to that list to find a specific donor, and ask you to send in the tuition fees. Everything passes through MVT books and is accountable – you pay us for the training the candidate will do.

To keep things administratively simple I would like donations to be one of two types: 100% class fee, or 50% class fee.

For those writing in for a scholarship we ask for:

  • Recent photo.
  • Bio to include:
    • Age (must be 30 or under).
    • Standard CV.
    • Specific shooting / tactical training / experience.
    • Any military experience.
    • Relevant qualifications or experience i.e EMT etc.
    • Any leadership or Liberty-centered projects, accomplishments or roles.
  • Self-certification (plus time) for the MVT Functional Fitness test.
  • Reason for wanting to train at MVT.
  • Reason for needing a scholarship to train.
  • Class that you want to attend.

Classes for new trainees need to be ones with no prerequisites. Classes that do not have prerequisites are:

  • HEAT 0.5
  • HEAT 1
  • HEAT Reconnaissance
  • HEAT Squad Tactics
  • HEAT Close Quarter Battle

Click HERE for Class Descriptions