MVT Texas Night Class

I recently took the plunge, via Robert at JRH Enterprises, to get into a set of Dual Tube NODs. This is not a cheap endeavor, but it is very much worth it.

I went for a set of Dual Tube BNVDs, which you can read about at the link below. I paid for these, but Robert had a deal going on at the time. The difference is amazing. What you get is 2 x PVS14 tubes, green phosphor (you can pay for white) with a single gain switch (why would you want separate gain switches?), which weights less than the set-up for a single PVS-14 unit. I am used to running around with a single PVS-14 tube, and running the Texas Night Class, with the dual tubes, made a HUGE difference. I am very pleased with this purchase.

You can read about the BNVD at this link:


Now, I know that there will be some who read this who will tell me that they have a much better (and far more expensive) set of NODs. For the rest of us plebs, the BNVD represents an affordable option to get into a set of dual-tube NODs. I say affordable but it’s still not cheap option, but if you are looking to operate and compete with others for your life in a nighttime environment, you need the best set of NODs that you can afford.

And don’t get the idea that these are ‘cheap’: they have a lot of cool features. They even articulate each tube individually. Go check out the details at the link:


We have another HEAT Night Operations class coming up on 26-28 March. Four spaces are available. This is our most operationally ready class, for which you have to have completed HEAT 1, HEAT 2, and have the required equipment.

Night Operations Class