Banning Chinese Made Web Gear

As a result of comments I see about:

1) the price of quality USA made web gear, which includes MVT Gear, and,

2) recommnedations to buy cheap and poor quality Chinese made shite,

I am now introducing a policy where I am banning the use of any Chinese made web equipment at MVT classes.

You can’t call yourself a Patriot and at the same time spend all your money on your China-Mart shite, while complaining about the cost of 100% quality USA made gear.

Buy something decent from a USA manufacturer. MVT Gear is included in that; you will get excellent high quality gear that will perform under the stress of real training and operations.

I continue to be perplexed by the type who proclaim themselves ‘Patriots,’ but expect everything to be cheap, because it comes from China, and will not support American companies.

Do not show up in your Condor or Voodoo or whatever rig. Basically, if you do, you support communism.

How about you help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.