I am now ready to offer the first two tactical self-defense training weekends at the Max Velocity Tactical training site in West Virginia: ‘Ricochet Ridge’ located in Hampshire County WV.
I have availability on the following weekends: 
11-12 May
25-26 May
Focus: Combat Rifle, Contact Drills
These are designed as two day courses, so preference will be given to those bookings rather than single days. The specific training schedule will be worked out based on the capabilities and desires of the attendees. Safety will not be infringed and training will follow the ‘crawl-walk-run’ principle adapted to your capabilities and competence levels. Don’t be intimidated about coming: the training is designed to raise your skill levels.

(If you have different training requirements, perhaps you want to make use of airsoft to save on live rounds, or other training requests, please contact me to discuss. Flexibility is important).

The training will take place in an undeveloped woodland location
Basic Equipment Required:
Fighting Rifle
Fighting Load-Out (Ammo/load carrying gear: vest/battle belt/plate carrier etc.)
Minimum 360 rounds of rifle ammo
Training will take place in the woods, therefore bring: suitable boots with ankle support, long pants etc.
Accommodation: There is a campsite nearby for tents or RV/Trailers and some local hotels/motels within easy driving distance. Detailed instructions will be sent to attendees.
Cost: $400 per person for the weekend. 
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