AVAILABLE NOW! Patriot Dawn – The Resistance Rises

AVAILABLE NOW: ‘Patriot Dawn – The Resistance Rises’ by Max Velocity
I have published and the book is currently available on the CreateSpace estore HERE and also on HERE

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‘Patriot Dawn’ is my first novel and the writing was emotionally draining. I hope it achieves what it was intended to achieve. Like ‘Contact!’ and ‘Rapid Fire!’ the intent of the book is to get tactical information out there. As a novel, Patriot Dawn does this in a different way by telling a story and using that story as a vehicle for tactical descriptions and information, as part of the action.
Reviews, on blogs or, are appreciated. Only good ones of course ;-)

Updated Prologue below


Patriot Dawn
The Resistance Rises

The election on November 6 2012 had been the mortal blow to the ideal of America. The stakes could not have been higher or more straightforward: a choice between freedom or coercion, individualism or collectivism, modern civilization or uncivilized brutalism.

 America, those of her voting and abstaining majority, chose the latter option in each case. The forces of this late modern brutalism had been at work in America for a long time and had, of course, scored many victories. The progressive beast had slowly eaten away at America’s educational establishment, the character of her people, and moral virtue, leaving little of the true American values behind. The sad thing was that the indoctrinated generations did not even realize what they had lost, while they tinkered over minor social issues.
With the election behind them, certain elements within the Administration continued their agenda to attain total control. Plans were put into motion.
The terrorist attack was carried out by jihadist fighters. They came in by chartered airliner, landing to disgorge several hundred terrorists into an assault on Washington D.C. This was not a hijacking, but a legally scheduled charter.
The flight plans of the terrorist controlled aircraft had called for a scheduled landing at Washington’s Dulles International Airport. However, that was considered too far away from DC, the Capitol and key targets such as the Pentagon. Reagan National was chosen instead.
The pilot of the aircraft was a US/Saudi joint citizen with impeccable English who had worked as a commercial pilot extensively in the US; he had plenty of experience landing at US airports, including Dulles and Reagan National.
As the pilot flew south towards DC, he put out a bogus Mayday call, citing engine power failure, and announced that he was going to have to put the plane down at Reagan National, thus diverting from the scheduled landing cleared for Dulles.
The control tower at Reagan declined, ordering him to continue to Dulles, but he simply told them that he was experiencing power failure and that they needed to clear the runway because he was coming in hard and fast. They obliged and scrambled the emergency services.
The Boeing 777 came in on the difficult river approach from the north, passing close to the Washington Mall; the pilot brought the plane in for a hard landing and began to taxi towards the terminal. He tried to ignore the instructions of the ground guide vehicles but soon had his way blocked by airport police vehicles who had been alerted by the tower. International flights were not cleared to land at Reagan National, and this was highly suspicious.
Still out on the taxi-way, the terrorists pulled the emergency release on the doors and activated the emergency exit slides. Somewhere around two hundred fighters began to pour out onto the tarmac, fueled by drugs and fanaticism and heavily armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles, rocket propelled grenades and improvised explosive devices, including a number of suicide vests. They opened fire on the emergency crews and police and started to run towards the terminals.
Some split off from the main group and commandeered airport pickup trucks on the tarmac and headed out onto the pan to where the delayed passenger aircraft were waiting at the end of the runway to take off.
They drove along the taxi way, stopping only to fire volleys of RPGs into the aircraft, which were loaded with passengers and fuel. The planes began to burn and as the jet fuel ignited they began to explode. The resulting fire and explosions were apocalyptic and soon the taxi way was engulfed in a conflagration of flames and burning fuel.
Meanwhile, the main body smashed their way into the terminal buildings and began to kill as they fought their way through to the passenger drop off and taxi ranks at the front. The armed security did not stand a chance. The fighters began to commandeer vehicles, any one would do. Civilians were shot down and murdered out the front of the terminal buildings and teams of four fighters stole the vehicles and started to head out into traffic and towards the city.
There was mass panic in the terminals, but as the crowds tried to escape they were engaged by assault weapon fire and hundreds were murdered. Pipe bombs had been dropped in the terminal on timers and as the fighters began to move away in their stolen vehicles the bombs began to detonate.
Each group had a specific target and objective. They had studied transit maps, photos and satellite photos on Google Earth. They had objectives but they realized that not all of them would make those objectives – if so, the plan was simply to keep going for as long as possible, causing as much damage as they could before they were stopped.
A group of fifty did not even bother to look for cars; they ran towards the Pentagon, which was only about a mile away just across the I-395. The group simply formed a file on each side of the road, trotted up the airport access road, turning north along the Jefferson Davis Highway until they passed under the Interstate.
As they jogged along, they engaged any resistance with automatic fire, AKs carried at the hip. Passing under the I-395 underpass they fanned out into their assault teams and attacked the Pentagon. They used RPG rockets and breaching charges to blast their way in and began to fight their way through the corridors inside.
Meanwhile, the alert had gone out to the Washington DC Metro police, who responded rapidly and called for back-up. Within fifteen minutes they had a cordon up around the city. Although true that there were a large number of armed federal agents, working for numerous ‘alphabet’ agencies within DC, they were not really prepared for the sort of savage urban conflict that these jihadists brought, straight from the battlegrounds of the Middle East.
Local SWAT teams from the DC Metro area were first into the battle, reinforcing the uniformed police units caught in the ground, rapidly joined by the FBI Hostage Rescue Team from Quantico, Virginia, who came in by helicopter to join the fight.
By this time the jihadists had smashed the police roadblocks and fought their way across the bridges into the city. Those that found themselves in the open parklands around the capital did not fare so well, but others fought their way into the city and infested the urban environment.
Mass panic ensued and it took the callout of a US Marine battle group from Quantico and the addition of two available Navy SEAL teams from Norfolk to turn the tide of the fight and clear the jihadist fighters out from where they had gone to ground.
It took a week and the deaths of thousands of Americans before the terrorist threat was eliminated.


The terrorist attackers were reported to have been recruited, abetted, directed and sponsored by Iran, although the details were unclear and it appeared that an investigation was not the top priority of the Administration.
How had the terrorists managed to charter this plane, which had apparently originated in Dubai on a one stop flight to the US, loading it with two hundred heavily armed fighters, without alerting any suspicion?
However, the focus following the attack was not international but domestic, and the priority was the ‘safety and security’ of the public by the accelerated implementation of the massive domestic surveillance and policing drive.
Fear was paramount and the masses were even more convinced that giving up their freedom and rights was in their best interests for their ‘safety and security’. Many internet bloggers and alternative media sites were describing the attack as a ‘False Flag’, abetted by the ‘Powers That Be’, but those crackpots were soon shut down by the Department of Homeland Security, in order to prevent further ‘panic mongering’.
The attack also provided the justification for war against Iran. However, that war was prosecuted by the Administration in the form of a primarily naval and air campaign that limited the involvement of ground troops.
This limitation allowed for the deployment of troops as convenient to the agenda of the Administration and the military-industrial complex, but ensured that sufficient active duty units remained available for domestic operations.
The attack on Iran was however the final straw that preceded the total meltdown of the Middle East. 


As part of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, measures were in place to allow Posse Comitatus laws to be ignored domestically. This was activated by executive order and active duty and reserve U.S. Army units were used to reinforce the National Guard in operations against domestic terrorists and sleeper cells.
The terrorist attack had precipitated the final mortal blow to liberty and the destruction of the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic. It was true that the erosion of liberty and the Bill of Rights had been going on for some time; the Constitution was viewed by many as a dead document, and the measures had already been put in place for the implementation of a state of emergency.
The attack had been a terrible thing, but at the same time it was so convenient to the agenda of the Administration. Everything since the attack had been the death rattle of liberty as the police surveillance state was fully imposed.
Due process and Habeus Corpus were suspended, and the NDAA allowed arrest and internment without probable cause or trial on the simple suspicion by the authorities that someone posed a terrorist threat; a system that was easily abused.
Everything in society was now centered on compliance and obedience to authority. Questioning of the orders of those in authority positions was not tolerated. America was no longer the land of the free, but anyone with a mind had seen that coming for a long time.
Anyone with ideas counter to the official line, or who argued or challenged authority, was labeled a ‘domestic terrorist’, arrested and interned in ‘corrective and reeducation facilities’.
Following the activation of the NDAA by Executive Order, a state of emergency was implemented. It was necessary, because another terrorist attack could happen at any time, and anyone could be a terrorist. There was a lot of talk about sleeper cells and many citizens were arrested and interned without trial. ‘Extremist terrorist’ organizations, including Patriot and conservative organizations such as the Tea Party, were outlawed. 


It wasn’t really clear to the general public exactly what happened next, given that they only got their information from the Administration via the heavily state directed mainstream media, and the internet was now under heavy lockdown. However, the economic dangers that had been looming and fueled by the continuous policy of ‘Quantitive Easing’, or money printing by the Federal Reserve, finally came home to roost.
The economy went over the cliff. There was much discussion that the actual precipitator of the plunge was the cabal of bankers who were the real power behind the Regime; they had pulled the financial plug, causing a massive run on the banks and hyperinflation, just like they had done in 1929 to cause the Great Depression. But who really knew, given the lockdown?
The effect was ultimately to cripple the economy, destroying the middle classes. What better way to turn the screws of citizen compliance when so many were now reliant on entitlement handouts?
The ‘progressive’ agenda of collective socialism was nearing its ultimate fulfillment; coerced redistribution of wealth, except now no-one was generating any wealth to feed the monster of the dependent welfare classes.
Statist authoritarian big central government was the order of the day, even though those policies spelled the death of the country. Many ‘progressives’ yearned for that, so that the ‘United Socialist States of America’ could rise from the ashes.


The government of the United States of America was no longer an ‘Administration’; it was a totalitarian Regime.


However, what the Regime had not predicted was that the Chinese, themselves suffering from the global financial collapse that ensued from this, then decided to take action.
For years China had infiltrated American cyber networks. They had perfected the cyber-attack and had penetrated into all aspects of American networks. They were able to ‘weaponize’ the cyber-attack, taking control of infrastructure such as power plants and programming them to fail while causing widespread outages and damage to power grid infrastructures.
 There was no longer any reason to need America anymore, now that there was no money to be made from the previously symbiotic relationship. China and Russia were best served by destroying America and the petrodollar, carving out their own spheres of influence in the new world order.
Three months after the terrorist attack and the beginning of the run on the banks, China simply took down the North American power grid.
It was not a permanent or total attack, but it did enough damage and would be time consuming to repair, given that most of the replacement equipment would have to be shipped in from abroad where it was manufactured, mostly in China. This resulted in massive infrastructure failure with essential commodities such as food and fuel unable to be distributed.
When the shortages hit the stores, combined with the inability of the Regime to distribute and honor electronic benefit checks to the entitlement classes, the effect was massive civil disorder and rioting, on a scale that the Regime could not fully control. The collapse was self-promulgating; it was not easy to fix once the dominos started falling.
The main rioting took place in the urban centers where the mass of entitlement dependents resided. The Regime was brutal in its crackdown on its ‘children’. Millions perished from a combination of lawless violence, the brutality of the Regime’s response, disease and starvation.
The Regime wrested control back in the main urban centers across the country. By executive order exception was written to Posse Comitatus, invoking the Insurrection Act, thus declaring Martial law. The Regime commenced to consolidate its power. Given the general food shortage, it aided the Regime that they controlled the food reserves, and according to the ‘dictate’ of the executive orders and the NDAA, Federal agencies such as FEMA and the DHS were able to commandeer private and commercial food reserves.
Many citizens ‘bugged out’ of the urban centers into the countryside to escape the violence, and thus out of the immediate control of the Regime, which precipitated another crisis of refugees and transit gridlock by those unprepared and bugging out to ‘nowhere’.
Out of the ashes of this disaster, the Regime was able to rise. Federal safe zones were created under martial law, along with FEMA camps where food rations were distributed. While the grid was being rebuilt, the FEMA offices and camps ran on emergency generators to support the registration and tracking process.
Outside of those zones were the contested areas where military operations were conducted to subdue the population. The Regime concentrated on controlling these main zones as well as mobility corridors connecting them.
Outside of the zones, the country was divided into sectors of martial law, each sector the responsibility of a military governor backed by a political commissioner from the Regime. The Department of Homeland Security was responsible for domestic military operations. National Guard and active duty units were allocated to the DHS as necessary.
FEMA also made use of the FEMA Homeland Corps. This was primarily a youth organization of armed paramilitaries, formed before the collapse, which was trained and indoctrinated by the Regime and given paramilitary police powers. They were not old enough to understand the real history of the United States beyond the propaganda taught in the school system and they had no familiarity with the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.
They became inoculated against brutality and were used for the more flagrant breaches of liberty, such as house raids to confiscate weapons and food stores, where often whole families were killed. In their blue SWAT style overalls, these young thugs became known as the ‘blue shirts’.
The majority of the country’s armed forces remained under Regime control, with the exception of the ‘enlightened’ that were already awake to the reality. Why was this? The country was under attack, now under martial law. The soldiers were indoctrinated to obey orders; they were in the system, part of the machine. In the same way that the mass of the people were fed their news from the mainstream media, so was the military.
True, there were mass desertions when the collapse happened, with many army National Guardsmen staying home to look after their families. But by and large, the active duty units remained on their bases, loyal to the system. The chain of command never flinched: orders came down as usual, situation briefings were given, and before they knew it, the active duty army was deployed domestically under martial law, protecting the country from terrorism. Why would they think any differently?
In fact, the Regime did experience problems with many of the actual combat veterans among the ranks of the National Guard, active duty army, and even law enforcement. Some of them took their oaths seriously and refused to act illegally against citizens. These types were severely cracked down upon, those that had not deserted or escaped out of the zones.
Those deserting veterans that were captured or those who dissented, refusing to obey illegal orders, were often taken into mental institutions against their will, on the pretext of mental illness or PTSD, for ‘treatment’ that often involved severe drug therapy that left them mentally incapacitated, shadows of their former selves.
Others saw the writing on the wall and deserted, getting out and away from the zones, often taking weapons and equipment with them.
However, there was a flip side to the refusal to obey orders to fire on citizens: as good Americans, many of these veterans actually found it easy to fire on the entitlement ‘eaters’ that they came across in the worst of the inner city riots. In their eyes, these eaters were the antithesis of how America was intended. Once they had pulled the trigger though, there was no going back, and they were lost on the slippery slope.
A new constitution was written, termed the ‘Homeland Charter’. This new document rejected the original Constitution and declared all those supporting it to be domestic terrorists.
There was much deliberate obfuscation between sleeper cells allegedly related to the ‘Iranian’ terror attack on DC, and domestic ‘constitutionalist’ terrorists, who were often simply Patriots and preppers.
The old Constitution had led to the destruction of the country, according to the revisionist agenda of the ‘progressive’ Regime and the ‘doublethink’ mental illness that plagued America. Individual liberty was the enemy; the only salvation was in the collective. The agenda of the progressives was complete.
‘New Citizens’ had to swear an oath of allegiance to the Regime, to obey all laws and orders given to them by those in authority. They were fitted with subcutaneous RFID chips containing all personal information. Cash and firearms were outlawed and the chips allowed the GPS tracking of people. It was therefore easy to determine someone’s status simply by scanning their forearm, and if no chip was present they were an outlaw, to be arrested or shot on sight.
As part of this new direction, the flag was redesigned. Rather than the stripes, there was a red and white sunray effect radiating out from a central, slightly offset to the left, sun-like circle in blue and white. The lower part of the ‘O’ like circle had an effect similar to the radiating red and white stripes, but more horizontally across the bottom of the ‘O’: A shining symbol of the bright future of collective socialism. The new flag was supposed to signify ‘hope’ or some similar progressive garbage.
 The star spangled banner was relegated to the newly demonized ‘Patriots’ and subversives. Patriots, constitutionalists, libertarians and anyone who had prepared for the collapse were targets of the Regime, to be tracked down. Those who were not sworn to the new regime were either interned or executed if they were under direct Regime control.
The citizens of the new Regime lived hand to mouth on government handouts, working in State sponsored jobs and living in camps or state controlled housing, cowed but grateful that they were being kept safe from the outlaws and terrorists outside of the zones.
Many who had not been aware of the true danger of the creeping progressive agenda were rudely awakened after the collapse. ‘Normalcy bias’ was swept away and their eyes were opened to the true horror of where their great country had descended to.
The FEMA camps were no holiday camp: those who had elected or been forced into them found that due to a combination of corruption, incompetence and simple brutality, rations were meager and conditions basic. They were more like concentration camps, with oppressive rules enforced by sullen guards, quick to violence. Many in the camps were simply taken out and killed for being trouble makers, tossed into mass graves and left to rot in piles.
Many could not understand how the military could be used against citizens. With rioters, it was easy. For the innocent preppers and Patriots who were considered domestic terrorists, it was also easy: it was all a matter of information management. Regime strike teams under the DHS were simply briefed that a ‘target’ housed ‘domestic terrorists’ who were harboring food, weapons and even explosives.
The targets were hit hard in ‘no knock’ raids with unrestrictive rules of engagement, often resulting in everyone at the target being killed, including whole families in some cases. If the target was found to contain innocent preppers, it was no problem. It was not the first time, even before the collapse, that the wrong address was hit or ‘intelligence’ was found to be incorrect. Heavy handed SWAT ‘kill squad’ tactics were fine as long as ‘department procedures’ were followed.