August 4-6 Combat Patrol Class

I have had a couple of last minute reschedules out of the August 2-6 combined class. Although not full, the class was a healthy size, but it just took a hit. Last year the August class was undersold also.

Last minute reschedules are a pain because, particulalry if the class has been marked as full for some time, it doesn’t give me time to re-advertise and fill the slots. I’m also away myself on training right now, using my phone only to access the blog and forum.

My main concern is the patrol class portion of the combined class. Part of the value of MVT classes is that we move up to team and then squad level, at the end of CRCD and throughout the patrol class. So these last minute reschedules really impact the other students most.

However, the August 2-6 class is still surviving. I would like to boost the numbers and make it more healthy at the squad level, particularly for the combat patrol 3 day portion. On the CRCD portion it actually means, if students bring more ammo, they have an opportunity for more training.

I am asking for the following:

1) Anyone who wants to book onto the combined August 4-6 class at this late notice.

2) I am opening up the patrol class portion of the combined class, from 4-6 August, to CRCD alumni. You can show up and join after the others have completed CRCD.

Due to the last minute ad hoc nature of this, if you have any specific requests that you want to talk to me about to make this work for you, just email me: rather than commenting on the blog or forum.