Aug 3/4 Training Weekend AAR # 6

In regards to Max’s basic contact drill training, of the weekend of August 3rd and 4th, I’d like to offer some comments.  This perspective comes from an old Navy veteran with time in the field with Marines during peace time. 
These comments have less to do with the what we did and more to do with how Max taught. 

Max is a leader.  His manner is calm, confident and easy going.  He goes about his business with a keen sense of purpose, yet he smiles, laughs and appears to be enjoying his work.  This makes for a relaxed atmosphere in a serious training environment.  His approach facilitates learning.  I was surprised at the level of camaraderie and cooperation in a class with a wide range of age and background and believe Max was largely responsible.

Max offers the contact drills in a steady progression of length and complexity.  This is no qualification course, and the intensity of the individual drill is determined by the trainee.  In other words, once you learn what to do, the question is, how quickly can you SAFELY do it.  In that sense it is a self paced course.  

I found the course informative, challenging, fun and well worth the money.  I expect to attend more of Max’s classes.