Aug 3/4 Training Weekend AAR # 5

Greetings from West Virginia, home of Max Velocity’s training site. On the weekend of August 3/4, twelve students arrived at the meet up location. Max arrived and led us to the parking area and then to the staging area for a safety briefing. The students were from seven states and different economic backgrounds. Some had prior military experience, most did not. All were ready to transition from the square range to Max’s dynamic training ranges.
     Max is a proponent of the crawl, walk, run training philosophy. We students learned to engage targets from unknown distances and directions. We progressed from individual drills to pairs, four man teams, and eight man squads. We learned covering fire, team communication, and maneuver including assaulting to clear positions and retreating under covering fire. The second day culminated in an eight man squad assault of a bunker. All of these drills were done with live fire. When Max says “Well done Lads”, you know you are on the right track. Sunday evening I left knowing twelve new friends, great guys all. I left with priceless skills for my toolbox and the pride of having a world class training site in my home state.
     East coast patriots, if you show up at your square range in full battle rattle, belly crawl to the 25m target berm and engage targets at 100m you will be asked to leave. Combat doesn’t happen on a square range and neither should your training. You are one days drive from excellent training. Sign up for a class now before they are filled to capacity. West Virginians, our state motto is Montani Semper Liberi, Mountaineers Are Always Free. This is true only so long as we are ready to defend our state and our liberty. Put down the soup beans and cornbread and join me at the next Max Velocity Combat Rifle class.
                                                                                                                                                               &nb sp;                                                                        Sideburns McFree, WV