‘Ask Max and Cadre’ on the MVT Forum


The MVT Forum is going from strength to strength now that it has gone to a private subscription service ($25 per annum). We have  a number of new strings that we are developing, including intelligence training, and the tactical planning exercises. It isn’t really just a ‘forum’ for chat (although it retains that function) but really a mix of an information library and a place to ask questions and develop knowledge.

I have found myself getting much more involved than I used to be, making myself available to answer questions and make constructive comments in order to develop the tactical understanding of the forum members. The same is true for the MVT Cadre members and a number of other subject matter experts (SMEs) who are members/moderators on the forums.

For example, a lot of positive effect has been generated in this vein with the new ‘Combat Media’ forum where I have been posting useful combat footage in order to analyze and draw useful tactical and training lessons from  it. This has so far led in several cases to further discussions and questions by members and it has become an excellent way to foster knowledge and understanding.

Really, the forum has become an extension of the books and training that allows members to ask questions, clarify, and increase understanding. And that is only in my particular case, with other SME’s putting out quality information and even training exercises in other fields, such as intelligence, communications, training and gear. It is an excellent resource.

This is why I do not blog much anymore, except for information and housekeeping type messages. I find the forum to be a constructive environment at odds with much of the internet. The membership nature of the forum also keeps the trolls out and leads to a mature and useful discussion. We don’t go for flame wars on the MVT Forum!

If you want to complain  and consider $25 per annum to be too much of a cost in return for access to this resource, than you already self selected yourself out. I don’t need to hear from you about it.  My obvious mistake was setting myself up by producing about four years worth of quality and unique tactical posts, that have left some with the feeling that MVT is an entitlement resource. This is a free market – if it is not worth it to you, simply don’t join. Simple.

I could not be happier with the decision to go for a $25 paid membership subscription, and the forum is really growing and developing very well.

Also: to join, all you need to do is go to the homepage here, register, and it will take you to PayPal where you can use any credit card to pay the subscription. Please do not send me money via my online order form that is intended for classes. Registration is automated and will take care of it. Yes, I don’t much like PayPal either, but it is required as part of the program that does this membership thing.