Artkis B110 Smock

I’ve had a couple of emails from people interested in the Arltis B110 smock. This is the one that is usually not sold in the US due to lack of demand. I just received the B210 smock. This has a thin liner inside for increased wind protection. Its an excellent jacket, but more ideal for fall/winter use.

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Arktis are dong me a favor and sending me a B110 jacket for testing and review. They will have to special order it so it may take a little while.  If it is like the B210 but without the lining, it should be a excellent jacket, and at the lighter weight will be more of a universal season smock, just like the SAS original.

If you are interested in having Arktis special order in the B110, then email me or comment here and we can see if they are prepared to either special order it or just start selling it. Let’s create the demand. The new jacket of choice for Patriots!

HERE is the link to the UK site for the B110.



Combat Smock. Arktis’s Combat smock is exactly the same as the Waterproof smock except it lacks the drop liner. This means it is a lighter weight and is a ‘stripped down’ version of the B310. Ideal for high exertion use.

  • Outer material Arkis’s own 50/50 Ripstop for extreme breathability and water-repellency
  • Fully articulated construction
  • Large boxed pockets
  • Wire in hood for shaping
  • Twin needled underarm seam for strength
  • Storm flap
  • Adjustable drawcord waist, channel is bartacked at key points of wear
  • Adjustable draw cord base channel
  • Double ended zip, with webbing insert for ease of opening
  • Large slide buttons bound in
  • Patch Notebook pocket with 3cm stitch from edge for pen loop
  • Cord channel in hood for adjustment
  • Smaller zipped entry document pouch
  • Reinforced ‘felled’ seams throughout
  • Cuff adjustment
  • External waist drawcord adjustment with bartacked exit
  • Central rank tab with small slide button to secure
  • This garment can be twin needled


Edit: Note: please see my comment below with the email from ArktisUSA. For those wanting the B110 Arktis Windproof smock, please contact ArktisUSA direct. I am not collecting or forwarding names for a group order. Thanks.