ARFCOM: Mobilize!

I’m moving this out of the Alumni forum.

Recently, MVT mobilized onto There is a lot of trolling at that site, and there are a lot of users with the mindset that civvies should not / cannot be training in SUT. Trolling is inevitable, but that is not the point.

The point is to get the message out. If trolled, do not engage but use whatever the troll says to come back with more of the message, in a professional manner. Use the opportunity to expand the message. There is a large readership at ARFCOM and a lot of silent majority readers.

These trolls are opinionated ignorant assholes who will act unprofessionally to throw as much poo as necessary in the hope that some sticks, in order to try and shut down the message about tactical training for the prepared citizen. They will tell you that the training is unsafe, that the cadre have no idea what we are doing, that we can’t possibly train this stuff, that we are training the wrong stuff, and that we are snake oil salesmen trying to make a buck. Those of you that know, know how far from the truth that is.

These trolls are often LEO / professional trainer types. The same ones who are not as skilled as they think they are, and who refuse to train civilians beyond the square range. They behave very unprofessionally. It is important that we are not deterred, and that we state the message professionally.

I ask that those of you who can spare the time, go onto the threads and expand the right message, support the MVT effort. This is, after all, a small opportunity to “Stand Up’ as I am always encouraging. First we take ARFCOM, then Berlin!

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