Apache FLIR Video Taken Down (+ Update)

Do you remember this post and video: *VIDEO* Thermal Shield Test by Apache FLIR – Pass!?

Well, at the request of those that made and sent me the video, I have taken the video down.

I hope you watched it while you had the chance!

UPDATE: There has been a flurry of activity today as it appears that the chain of command of the team that sent me the Apache video have become aware of it and are pissed. I have been given no specifics as tho where the pressure is actually coming from. A better example of Regime influence I can’t think of! As a mark of respect and consideration for the team that sent me the video, and at their request, I have hidden the original post with the video, photos and commentary on it. I’ll be able to look into this more when I am back ‘in the office’ on Monday.

This action is about protecting those decent Patriots who fly those Apaches for an unspecified NG unit. They were good enough to do the testing and make it available to citizens.

I personally have received some flak for the research on the thermal shield concept and also for posting the FLIR video. Apparently I am aiding terrorism. To those who have said that, you are fucking ignorant morons. Where do you think I got the original idea for the MVT Shield from? I am no genius. It is well documented that insurgents in Afghanistan have long used ‘space blankets’ and even wool blankets to approach bases for attacks and also to try and evade FLIR surveillance. They also understand terrain and vegetation masking. They live or die by it. This concept is well known to insurgents. The people for whom it is not well known, are the American public.. Anyone think of a reason why this knowledge would be kept from the American public? No, I can’t think of any either….

I’ll have another look at this, and what is OK to publish, when I am back in on Monday. In the meantime: MVT SHIELD.

Also: Here is an Apache Video for your viewing pleasure. Do you think this reveals the capability of Apache FLIR? Probably not: