Another AAR / review from the training weekend

Just received:

I had an awesome weekend of Combat training with Max Velocity tactical this past weekend. It was well worth the 6 hour drive (each way). Max’s wealth of knowledge is truly impressive. I have zero military background but have been an avid shooter and gun enthusiast for 20+ years. My main reason for taking the course was to see how I would be able to shoot under duress. Up until this past weekend all of my shooting experience has been standing at a bench and shooting at still targets in a static range environment. This was far from a static environment.
The site is in a beautiful densely wooded area and the range is built right into the natural environment which makes it very realistic. I can tell you for sure that shooting accurately while your heart is pumping out of your chest and your breathing is elevated is a whole different ball game. The pop-up targets scattered through out the woods were awesome. I’m carrying a few extra pounds these days and Max was aware of my physical limitations and never pushed me too far but still got the best out of me. I was a little intimidated going in because of my lack of military experience but the curriculum was very civilian friendly and Max is an excellent instructor. All in all it was an extremely informative weekend and I’m definitely looking forward to returning with some more friends who are anxiously awaiting this review. 
This was also a great opportunity to field test all of my gear which was awesome in itself. My piece of advise to anyone planning on taking this course is pay attention to the list of suggested equipment/gear that Max provides prior to attending. You will be happy you brought everything on that list, especially the bug spray! 
I stayed at the South Branch Inn, right in Romney. It was only about 10 minutes from the training site and I would recommend that hotel to anyone not planning on camping for the weekend. 

Thank you for the feedback Tony.
Live Hard, Die Free!