Announcing: The Official MVT Rifleman Challenge Training Plan


rifleman patch single

The  MVT Rifleman Challenge Training Plan is ready for those interested in attending the MVT Rifleman Challenge.   This training plan is 12 weeks long and is designed to get you in shape and up to the standard of Rifleman.  The plan contains specific workouts preparing you for the demanding tests at the Rifleman Challenge.   For Advanced/fitter people, there are additional exercises in order to accommodate the fittest of this group.  Don’t worry, you’ll be challenged!

The time to officially start this plan is 12 weeks out from the Rifleman Challenge.  For those planning on the first Challenge on March 27th, that means you need to apply this plan to start on January 5th!   Get cracking!   (Caveat: if you start this plan later, just let us know and we can offer suggestions on how best to revise it for the time you have left to the Rifleman Challenge).

Time for a real New Years Resolution and a beginning of the year tactical fitness regimen, with a real goal to work towards!


As part of the MVT Rifleman Challenge, a standard part of the instruction will be ‘enter and clear a room’ – so you will be instructed and trained dry and live on CQB Tactical Clearance techniques. Make not mistake, there are 8 standard core test events, but there is also a lot of instruction and encouragement available on items that you can’t necessarily train for outside of MVT!

We want you to succeed!