Announcement: Private Classes only in 2023 (edited)

We have the current open enrollment training calendar for 2022 posted. There are opportunities there for individuals to get onto open enrollment classes. A summary of availability is posted HERE.

Starting in 2023, we will focus on private classes only.

We are still working on what that will look like. Could we run perhaps two open enrollment HEAT 1 classes per year to get people in the door as individuals? Maybe. Doing this is of course not a traditional business model, but we have reasons for doing so (not covered here). Bottom line is that MVT is a boutique business that focusses on real tactical training, and not range theatrics. As such, there will always be a more serious-minded clientele associated with MVT, it does take motivation to train at this level, and as such I don’t think that taking away open-enrollment will be much of a deterrent to the motivated students who train with MVT.

For all of you alumni: you guys are great. You overcame all the various reasons to not do MVT-level training, showed up, and keep showing up. Bless you, you are great people. In 2023, MVT will have been running classes for 10 years!

The forum will likely be a good organizing mechanism for private classes. Either that or you have someone who is an ‘organizer’ and writes to me about a private class, which happens a lot already.

Private classes:

  • Can happen at a suitable location across the county, or can be at the VTC Romney.
  • You can organize a private class for your own group, whether that be at the VTC or elsewhere.
  • Based on a basic number of students, where the class is still not full, we could fill the class up by making the rest open-enrollment, once the class is on the calendar.
  • A representative / organizer, once he knows there is interest from a suitable number of students, can write to me to hash out dates, location and curriculum for the class.

I visualize a situation where:

  • You schedule a class for your private group either at the VTC or at your home location, or
  • Someone takes the lead as an organizer, most likely via the forum, and then writes to me about putting on a particular class, and we hash out dates.
  • If that class still isn’t full, we can post it as open enrollment for the remaining class spaces.

Partly, scheduling a whole year out is always a nightmare. This method means that organizers will approach me with a group of students who want a class, thus there is no guesswork involved.

Updates on this will come out in due course.

In the meantime, my latest post: Gear, Fitness, Organization & Current Situation: Tying in Interrelated Concepts.

EDIT: I have received some emails concerned that I am only going to run classes for alumni. That is not the purpose of this announcement. If you are an individual and wish to attend a class, you can drum up interest on the forum and get in touch with me and we can schedule it. You only need a basic number of students to do so, and if necessary I will the post the class as open-enrollment, once it is on the calendar.

I would suggest that if you are organizing on the forum, don’t get too specific about a set of dates, more a couple of suggested weekends, because you still have to run it past me and my availability. Doing it this way mean I am not throwing dirt at the wall calendar and hoping some of it sticks – I will only schedule a class if I know there is interest in it. The added bonus is that it requires you to engage on the forum, which can only be a good thing.