Ammo Restrictions for Training

I have just updated the Class Information packet to restrict ammunition for classes to FMJ only.

So no: Penetrator, steel core, armor piercing, M855, tracer or similar.

Such ammo will cause damage to the ranges and electronic target systems. We have sustained some damage to the targets in the past due to rounds striking the target arm / hit sensor as the lip of the target pit has been shot away/through. Fixing target pits is a constant activity.

Also, in planning the upcoming Texas classes in February, and to provide a better mobile solution to MVT training, I am looking at solutions to utilize the electronic pop-up targets, without having the time to dig  multiple target pits at site. Solutions may involve some form of combination steel/sandbag shield, and penetrator style ammunition will be restricted due to the serious risk of damage to the target if the shield is penetrated.