AmericanMercenary: Julie’s view

Please see this link to an interesting piece:

AmericanMercenary: Julie’s view

I enjoyed the article, although I am not aware of the full context of the story. There were a few interesting aspects to it that I wanted to comment on:

1. The mention of drones and follow up surveillance. This is not something that I have gone into detail on before, but if you found yourself in a situation where you were being targeted by drones or attack helicopters utilzing Thermal Imaging (TI, or FLIR: Forward Looking InfraRed) then this changes the game of camouflage and concealment. It does not mean that all is lost, but there are specific considerations that you need to be aware of and implement. I will cover more detail in a later post.

2. A reservation: there is a lot of detail on the very clever sounding communications plan employed by the described convoy. That’s great, but in the story it seemed a little like they souuld have concentrated more on forward reconaissance and reaction to contact drills, because that clever comms plan did not save them. It is easy to be seduced by technology and the movie type scenario of perfect information and cool gadgets. Plan on it all failing. More in a follow up post.