Alumni Weekend – Report + Photos

The Alumni Weekend was a great success and we got a lot done; Jungle clearance, grilling, socializing and shooting. Thank you to all who showed up. We managed to clear out most of the valley that had been choked by felled trees with the construction of  the new road and square range. It is now a truly pretty area and serves as a shaded cook out place and a rest/ instruction area for the square range classes.

We did about 7 hours of hard work cutting, lifting, dragging and stacking and burning wood on the Saturday, followed by a swim in the river to cool off. Thanks to Tater (who sent in these photos) for correcting me that we were grillin’ not barbecuing!

Sunday was shooting on the square range, with Chris and Fred taking everyone through some courses of fire. Shooting was cut a little short after lunch by a thunderstorm.

We had wives and kids present, which made it a family thing, and everyone was great. Good people.

A secret -one of the attendees, and his son, were not actually Alumni, but are taking future classes, and they came and helped out. Thanks to them!

I think I will have another one of these in September. There will likely be less hard work, because we did most of it (!), and more grillin’, chillin’ and shootin’.

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Thank you!