Alumni Weekend: Hard Labor, Beer, Shooting (+ Workshop) – June 7/8

What’s not to like?

Many students have offered their help at the training site. Others have suggested Alumni Weekends. The leveling of the new square range has faced me with a dilemma : simply too many trees have been pushed down for me to deal with.

What I need is help with cutting up downed trees, moving and stacking wood. I am focusing on the valley/creek area near to where the parking area is. There should be no need to cut standing trees down (if there is, it will be done safely). I am asking for help from MVT Alumni on the weekend of June 7/8. If you have a chainsaw, bring it. If you don’t, come to help move and stack wood.

This is the outline plan, which can/will be adjusted to suit:

Friday June 6:

Arrive and camp if you wish, or stay in the Koolwink. Camping will be opened up at the parking area, so you don’t have to be shuttled out to the usual tactical training site campsite. Bring families if you wish, or just come solo.You can also RV/Trailer camp at Middle Ridge or the Wapacoma Campground down on River Road.

Saturday June 7:

Arrive if you wish.

Work day. Cutting, lifting, moving downed trees.

Saturday afternoon: I will open the square range with rotating RCO’s. There will be no formal training laid on, but you can shoot.

Saturday evening: We will lay on a BBQ, Beer etc.

Saturday Night: Camp, stay in the Koolwink, or leave, as you wish.

Sunday June 8:

EDIT: I am looking to develop the Sunday into more of a workshop. Informal, useful but fun. I’m looking at some ideas with volunteer instructors and will update accordingly. Ideas:

  • Fun competition on the square range. Rifle/handgun. Some interesting courses of fire.
  • A workshop on personal camouflage and movement considerations – if Misfit can attend. TBD.
  • Other ideas or volunteer instructors welcome.

No work will be expected. For those that wish to stay, the square range will be open for shooting. If there are any suggestions, I am thinking of some sort of fun shoot/competition that one of you can run on the square range.

Recreation suggestion: The nearby South Branch Potomac river is a popular fishing and kayaking site. Or just river floating. You can bring a kayak/inflatable or rent one from along the river. A fun family day if you like. Its also a great place to cool down on the Saturday evening  after working – jump in the river where the Romney bridge crosses it – there is public river access and a popular swimming spot.

Either comment or email me and I will adjust this plan accordingly.

Many hands make light work.

Its also a great way to network, both while working, at the social, and on the range.

I would like RSVP for planning/food/beer purposes. Please let me know by latest Monday 2 June. RSVP by email, not in comments. Thanks.

(I have a notion that this may become the basis for an evolution into a future ‘TACCON’ at the MVT site).