‘Ally’ Helmet Scrim Competition

Entries/photos over on the forum here please.

As an homage to para helmets and scrim, let’s have an ‘allyness’ competition.

What is ‘ally’ (pronounced like ‘sally’)?

Something is ‘ally’ when it looks a combination  of both good, and professional. It’s not ‘tacticool’ and it’s not just ‘fashion sense’ although it is a little like military field/professional fashion sense. Ally was very much a Parachute Regiment thing, where you wanted to ‘look the business.’ It is subtle nuances between seasoned professionals, and the rest. It must be carefully cultivated. If you get it wrong, you look stupid.

Don’t scoff at it, because unlike ‘tacticool’ this kind of ‘allyness’ develops professional and unit pride.

Here is my ally ‘scimmed’ helmet:

ally helmet


Here is the original Brit Para helmet, scrimmed up for maximum ‘allyness.’

para helmet 1






Old school Falklands War:



WW2 Para Helmet:

WW2 Para


Let’ see what you got!