Adjustments to the Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics Lineup

If you have been paying attention to the blog, you will have spotted that I did two things:

  1. Reduced the price of the combined Rifle Skills (RS) / Combat Team Tactics (CTT) combination (4 days) to the same ($600 total) as the previous price of the 3 day CTT.
  2. Have been pushing for students to view the 4 day RS / CTT class as a significant training investment which is worth the leave days to attend this solid block of instruction.

I am resisting the temptation to make RS/CTT simply a 4 day CTT class. It would be great from the student’s training perspective, but I will lose enrollment from those who cannot afford the extra day off work. It also allows alumni to choose to not show up for RS, if they think they don’t need the training.

If you view RS / CTT as an annual training event, then it is not such a stretch to make it for the 4 days. If you have already done a CTT, it is not an issue to return for just the 3 day CTT portion. So it makes sense like that.

I am going to make the following changes though, in order to reduce the repetition from the RS day to Day 1 of CTT (both square range days):

  1. Zeroing, and the rifle fundamentals instruction that goes with it, will only happen on the morning of Rifle Skills.
  2. There will be no zero session on the first morning of CTT on the square range – we will move straight into the combat rifle training, and thus get more done.
  3. Having more time on the first day of CTT (square range) will allow us to drill more into some of the techniques, which will not only save time, but get a jump on safety for the following morning on the tactical ranges.
  4. If you intend to show up on the Friday morning for CTT, and not attend Rifle Skills, then you will be expected to show up with a zeroed rifle. If you don’t know how to correctly zero your rifle, or need help, then I suggest showing up for Rifle Skills, where we can take the time to show it to you in detail.

If you wish to take the content of Rifle Skills and Day 1 of CTT without proceeding straight to the tactical ranges, then I suggest signing up for one of the weekend Combat Rifle Skills (CRS) classes. This is an ideal way to introduce someone to training without them stressing about two more days on the tactical ranges. The training schedule will shortly be updated with forthcoming CRS classes beyond this weekend.

Team Coyote.