Additional Rifleman / Vanguard Tabs

On the back of reading comments on a forum post in the Alumni section, on the ‘proper wear’ of the various MVT patches, what do you think of these proposed additions to the MVT Rifleman & Vanguard patches?

Note: these would be in addition to the current patches given out for Rifleman / Vanguard.

GR PROOF 1B - cut


GR PROOF 1A - cut

The patches above are 2″ wide.

This is what the current patches look like, and students would be awarded both:

rifleman patch single

Vanguard Patch

The patches above are 3″ wide.

The idea is this:

The rectangular ‘Max Velocity Tactical’ with logo 3″ x 2″ patch is designed for ball caps, front. It can also be worn on the right sleeve.

CM PROOF 5C - crop

The ‘helmet’ logo patch is designed for the left sleeve and the ‘Max Velocity Tactical’ curved tab (same shape/size as the new ones above) sits right above it. Cadre who have military tabs, such as Chris’s Ranger Tab, put that right above it on their Velcro (assuming you  have Velcro!).




The rectangular ball cap patch is given out to anyone. The helmet logo / MVT tab patch combination is given out to those who complete CTT. The Rifleman / Vanguard patches are given out to those who meet the standards at the MVT Rifleman Challenge. The current 3″ rectangular patches can be worn on the back of a ball cap, or above the logo / MVT tab combination at the top of the left arm.

The idea behind the new proposed curved ‘tabs’ (shown above) is to make it sit better on the left arm above the helmet/MVT combo.

The rectangular Rifleman / Vanguard patches can be worn also above the rectangular 3″ x 2″ MVT patch on the right arm.

So there you go, that is AR 670-1 guidance for MVT!

Let me know what you think, and I will order the new tabs to be to be given out at the next Challenge. Alumni will also be eligible to get updated with one of the new tabs.

BTW: a lot of this hinges on Velcro, as per current military ACU’s. I believe the new scorpion design will have a single long piece of Velcro, rather than a separate upper pocket, but this doesn’t affect placement. The discussion on the forum alumni section also covered US flag wear, which should be above any other patches on the right arm Velcro. I don’t have my patches on Velcro: I wear MTP and sew the patches to MTP panels that then Velcro onto the upper arm panels. It’s a good way of covering up the actual Velcro, and you can change the panels between clothing. I do wear my UK Para Wings on my right arm above the rectangular 3″ x 2″ MVT ball cap patch.

So, although we are not a military or a militia, the patches can be worn to identify standards of training received, and simple pride in what you have achieved at MVT. Or you don’t have to wear them at all. The idea is also that if you have tabs or patches earned in the military, you can wear them as well, as myself and other MVT cadre do (i.e. my Para Wings, Chris’s Ranger Tab etc.)

No made up rank, or stolen valor patches!

At this time, there is no ‘combat patch’ for MVT alumni!

NOTE: actual colors are more like the two bottom photos. The other images are either cut from proofs, or taken badly with my phone.