Additional CTT Class late April/Early May? + ‘Fundamentals’ Class Question

A rapid fire post: There are a lot of inquiries about the April classes. The 6 day CTT/Combat Patrol class April 10-15 is full as is the Combat Team Tactics April 24-26.

Class Schedule

If there is sufficient interest I will consider putting on another class during that time frame. Right now, I will probably be able to schedule May 1-3. Currently, the next available CTT class that has availability is May 15-17. I may be able to push out the 17-19 April but that is less desirable with a 6 day running right up to it (ending on the 15th).

I’m only going to put the new class on the schedule if I receive email in my inbox telling me that you want to be in the new class and that you are waiting on confirmation to send me a deposit!

If you look at the class schedule you will note that CR/C2G are not showing.  We are currently in a tactical pause and I do not know at this point when I will be rescheduling those classes.

On that note, the new-look CTT is a 3 day class that includes a day of combat rifle/weapons manipulation on the square range on the Friday. It is designed to get you up to speed for the tactical ranges over the Saturday and Sunday. It is a priceless and valuable day. I am considering offering an additional optional day on the Thursday to teach basic rifle marksmanship/fundamentals and give students more depth for the following day of combat rifle.

Let me know.