Additional Cadre Plan at Classes till November 20th

I had two spaces available on the Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics classes next week (September 15-18), and I just had a cancellation due to a job interview. So I now have 3.

I recently had surgery and due to recovery I’m limited in my activity, so to keep quality of instruction and safety high, in addition to the usual presence of First Sergeant at the class, Chris is coming back from Washington State for the class.


I’ll be focusing on the lectures and what I can do on the lanes, and Scott/Chris will be doing most of the lane walking with you.

This is a very high instructor to student ratio, with a lot of experience to be taken advantage of.

This additional instructor plan will continue till my 12 week mandatory period of recovery is complete, so basically up to and including the CTT class 17 -20 November. I can’t tell you who will be helping on all of the classes, but a very recent SF veteran will be there as well as Scott (First Sergeant) for the October 13 – 16 Combat Patrol class, which still has space available.